The Year In Review

What a first year it has been at Open Doors!

We have watched our membership slowly grow into a small group of fun teens, some of whom love to do projects together, and some of whom prefer to follow their own path.

As a staff, we continue to learn the art of communication:  how to listen, how to offer, how to ask, and how to spread the word.

And it is certain that we never would have made it without dedicated volunteers and a supportive community.

Join us as we reminisce about our first year at Open Doors.

Yearbook Page 1

Yearbook Page 2

Yearbook Page 3

Yearbook Page 4

We know there will be more good times to come, including the Slender Man ongoing project, which will have a link here when it’s completed.

As our regular year draws to a close, we encourage you to check out our Summer Program, and join us next year as the adventure continues!