Welcome to Some Great Beginnings    

By Rebecca Kirk, Director

Dear Friends, Supporters & Newly Curious,

We’re so happy to be sending forth our first newsletter during this, our inaugural year. You may want to keep it for posterity!

It’s been an amazing first year here at Open Doors. Working in this respectful and open way with teens is an unique and enlivening learning experience; we are so blessed to see this natural learning process unfolding daily.

For some of our teen members, Open Doors has provided interesting classes, fun interactions and easy, comfortable space in which to study, relax and learn. You’ll read in Tara’s interview how it has also provided a safe place of healing from past school experiences which were disabling. For all of us, it has been a great time of growth and discovery.

Your support, well-wishes, encouragement and questions have been, and are, well-placed and greatly appreciated. We hope you enjoy our end-of-the-year newsletter and will help us spread the word by forwarding this to your friends and acquaintances so that other teens can find their way to a thriving teendom.

To Life!

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