Just Make Pots


Years ago, The Utne Reader published an article about an informal social experiment that was done with two high-school pottery classes.  The first class of students was told that they would be graded on how perfectly they could throw a pot by the end of class.  The second class was told that they would be graded only on the quantity of pots they threw throughout the class — they would get credit for their misshapen pots, as long as they made lots.

By the end of the semester, the class that was graded on quantity, not quality, was throwing much higher quality pots than the other class.  Because they risked nothing with mistakes, and they spent hours at the wheel, they gained the necessary experience to master craft and beauty.

At Open Doors, our focus is this kind of experiential learning, with no downside to creating our own “misshapen pots.”  Instead of being limited by an expectation of perfection — which only gets in the way, especially when one has little experience to build on — our members are free to delve into what works and doesn’t work for them.  The difference is amazing, and it leads to young adults who love to learn throughout their whole lives.

Come see the difference for yourself.  Join us at one of our regular events.