Community Collaboration with Goodwill Industries

Real learning in the real world is such an important principle at Open Doors.  That’s why we’re happy to share a story of our collaboration with Goodwill Industries, a non-profit with significant positive influence in our community.

As described in Learning with Slender Man, our Critical Thinking and Feeling class is working on a short scary film.  They went to Goodwill to pick out costumes and props for the movie.  When we called ahead about our trip, the staff was happy to accommodate us and make room for our photographer, Lori, to take pictures.

DSC_0065 copy
Thank you to Goodwill Industries and Moments by Lori Ann.

The class was careful to respect other customers and their privacy.  They were delighted to find low-prices on costumes and other fun items.  The world is our classroom, a place where budgeting, creating, and cooperative problem-solving all happen naturally — thank you to Goodwill Industries for being a part of that.

DSC_0025 copy
Working together!

(Note:  If you are concerned about the May 30 stabbing in Wisconsin and its relevance to Slender Man, please see our statement here.  Our thoughts are with all the families and communities involved, and we hope for a complete and speedy recovery for the victim.)