The Many Benefits of Video Games

Have you read Peter Gray’s column on video games on Psychology Today Online?

“If kids are really free to play and explore in lots of different ways, and they end up playing or exploring in what seems to be just one way [such as video games], then they are doing that because they are getting something really meaningful out of it.”

“I’ve also known kids who spent huge amounts of time reading–just sitting and reading, “doing nothing!” for maybe 10 hours a day. There were always some kids like that, even when I was a kid. I could never understand why they would want to just sit and read when they could go fishing with me instead. What a waste of time. However, I’ve never known a parent to limit their kids’ reading time. Why is it any better to limit TV or computer time than to limit book-reading time?”

We’ve certainly made similar observations at Open Doors.  For some of our members, longtime video game play is not only enjoyable and challenging unto itself.  The world of video games opens into a world of economics study, game theory, psychology, history, narrative, culture, mathematics, statistics, social skills, systems thinking, and critical thinking.  And fun!  We’re learning to never underestimate the power of fun, not just for learning, but for living.


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