Membership Fees

For one-tenth of the price of private school, Open Doors can show your teen the path to self-directed learning.


OPEN DOORS ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FEE for 2016-2017  is $1000.

For only $100/month, your child can have an Open Doors for Teens membership which includes:

  • An advisor with whom to discuss your child’s use of Open Doors, overall weekly routines, and learning experiences both within and outside of our center
  • Classes designed especially for teens
  • Individual and small group tutoring
  • Internships within the broader community
  • A family membership to The Geek Group

Payment may be made in full at time of enrollment, or paid in monthly increments.

Contracts in Five-Month Semesters: Members are required to make a five-month commitment when joining.  The billing cycles cover September through January and February through June.  No refunds are made to members who choose to terminate membership during these billing cycles.

Open Doors is a department of a non-profit organization and receives no state or federal funding.  Our operating expenses are covered solely by donations, fundraising events and membership fees. This frees us from any state or federal mandates, allowing us to focus entirely on the needs and interests of our members.

While membership fees are the backbone of our finances, Open Doors is committed to making our services available to all interested families.  We will continue to make it possible for families to use installment plans to spread out the payments as needed. We will continue to invite families who cannot pay the full fee to make proposals for alternative contributions. We will continue to assist members as needed with their membership fee obligation.

If you can, please consider making a contribution to support our members and allow them to continue receiving the first-class personalized education they deserve.

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