Spring Class Schedule

The calendar is constantly under construction based on teens’ interest and needs. Check back frequently.

It’s important to know classes are just one aspect of the Open Doors experience. Each teen works individually with an advisor to create a relevant, specific, and inspired learning plan.

Powerful Possibilities
Instructor: Jacob Sabourin

A seminar in which teen members discuss real issues in their lives and current events they see in the local community. We connect these issues to regional and global patterns, media narratives, and international relations. Topics can range from biology to history to geography to sociology to politics to philosophy.

Instructor: Rebecca Kirk

Life is all around us and interconnected.
Let’s get outside and observe what we know about it and discover what we don’t.

Art Studio

Opportunities for private work and also workshops offered by professional artist.

Instructor: Dr. Andrea Kortenhoven


Instructor: Alee’a Ulsh-Cherry

A class whereby the students create a business and put it into practice.

Mindfulness Practice
Steve Norman

Media Studies
Instructor: Girbe Eefsting (professional film maker)

Lit History
Kerrick Taggart

Writer’s Workshop
Michelle Steffens

Brittnie Finkbeiner, Chiropractor


A physical education class involving free play with a plethora of possible activities
including but not limited to tennis, basketball, baseball, frisbee,
martial arts, double dutch, poi, dance, battle gaming, badminton, hiking,
dodgeball, skee ball, rock climbing, or general horseplay.



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