Sharing our Shine 2014

Each of our members have their own shine:  that is, something that they love to do, something they’ve worked hard at, and/or something that just makes them happy.  During our last week of the 2013-2014 Open Doors program, we gathered to share our shine with each other.

Wild Edibles pretty table
Our Wild Edibles Class prepared a foraged feast!
Close up Wild Edible
… a feast with a sense of humor, that is. (These are actually delicious.)
Japanese food
One member shared his love of all things Japan by bringing Japanese food.
game theory
It’s game theory time! This member explained his love of strategy and interaction by having the group play a version of the Prisoner’s Dilemma.
Skyrim Mod
This member has been creating a mod for the video game Skyrim — he showed us his latest dungeon creations.
This guy showed us his awesome juggling skills.
Back Handspring
And one member showed us footage of her back handspring, done in her tumbling class.

In addition, we heard from one member who is learning on the job at an auto repair shop, and one member shared the love of her life, her little dog Chloe.   Staff and parents shared as well — poetry, perspectives on life, a dramatic reading.

We had such a great time celebrating each other.   At Open Doors, we are so honored to be a safe space where teens can share who they are and what they love, without worry that it will be “good enough.”  We love these teens!

Up next — our last day together, dedicated to fun!

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