A Note About Slender Man

Today at Open Doors we found out that on May 30, two twelve-year-old girls in Wisconsin stabbed their close friend, also a twelve-year-old girl.  The girls named the Slender Man legend and the Creepy Pasta fiction site as their inspiration.

All of us at Open Doors hope for a complete and speedy recovery for the victim, and our thoughts are with the families and the community involved.   It is a disturbing and horrible incident.

Though we can never know all the reasons behind these actions, we do know that the Slender Man legend (which has been around a long time) and the Creepy Pasta fiction site are not about this kind of real-life violence.  For the past six weeks, our teens have worked hard and with great creativity on our own informal Slender Man movie.  Our teens have worked in the true spirit of Slender Man — the spirit of fun, the spirit of surprise, and the spirit of sharing the thrill of being scared while knowing that this is fantasy and not reality. At this point, the teens plan to finish editing the movie in the spirit they created it.

Each of our teens expressed sadness about this incident and the sincere hope that there are no further tragedies.  They also expressed difficulty with the Slender Man legend being twisted in such a horrible way.  There has been a lot to talk about today at Open Doors, and we ask for your support as our teens process it all.

Please join us in our hope for peace and healing for all those, young and old, who need it.

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