Slender Man Update

(Note:  If you are concerned about the May 30 stabbing in Wisconsin and its relevance to Slender Man, please see our statement here.  Our thoughts are with all the families and communities involved, and we hope for a complete and speedy recovery for the victim.)

As you may remember, our Critical Thinking and Feeling class has been working on a movie after our Slender Man adventure.  A few weeks ago we went Goodwill shopping for part of Slender Man’s costume, to which we added a few minor modifications.

Slender Man suit

Strangely, Goodwill didn’t carry a Slender Man mask, so we made our own:

slender man


We’ve been scouting locations and here are some preliminary stills from the first day of shooting:



IMG_7617 IMG_7634


Stay tuned!

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