A Peek Inside

The swirl of learning around Open Doors continues.  Here are some happenings of last week.

Our class on Stalking the Wild Asparagus, or Wild Edibles, harvested some dandelion root, leaves, and crowns, which are all most tender in the very early spring.  Prepared with butter, salt, and pepper, they were small but delicious.



Our film studies class has grown in size over the last month to include some more fans of the horror genre.  So when they watched 28 Days Later (with parent permission), the classic 2001 movie that was both social commentary on the post 9-11 world and the rebirth of the zombie genre, conversation was animated, to say the least.


In our Personal Finance class, one member who has been researching investment noticed that last week’s Blood Moon correlated with a significant drop in the Dow Jones.  It led to a great conversation about whether there is a primal side to investing.




Our teen members joined us for a community event last week, a walking tour of our Eastown neighborhood.  We were thrilled to find out that Mulligan’s Pub and its neighbor businesses are housed in what used to be a streetcar station, complete with turntable, and that in the 1920s there was a trolley line along Lake Drive, from downtown to Reed’s Lake.


All that, and more … plans to start a t-shirt business … a film about natural horsemanship (a new member’s passion) … a member posting his art to deviantart.com  … the same member learning to create his own level for the wildly popular game, Skyrim  …

Skyrim menacing statues


… and a close-up look at a pig’s heart to see some details that were missed the last time around.

MVI_2995 (1)


Quite simply, this place and these teens are amazing.  Come see for yourself.

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