Creating and Sharing Value

Our Open Doors members are in a unique position to learn how to participate in the adult world.  Because their time and energy are not drained by school, they can focus on creating and sharing value with the communities that matter to them.  By doing so, they build self-knowledge and learn what it means to contribute.

Our teens also learn some entrepreneurial skills in the sense that they may spend a lot of resources — time, energy, and sometimes money — without any guarantees of a positive response or success.  Managing risk in that sense is an enormous part of adult life, and our teens are gaining experience with it.

An example:  one member is an avid gamer, and so a community that matters to him is the online gaming community.  Recently he decided to write regular guides for his favorite game, the wildly popular and challenging League of Legends by Riot Games.  Instead of writing compositions for an audience of one — his English teacher — this member writes guides that could add real value to hundreds of other gamers’ lives, guides that may be read multiple times for the content, guides that may be commented on, argued with (!), and eventually improved.  The staff at Open Doors is watching this member improve his grammar and sentence structure in a self-directed way, because he wants his guides to be readable and direct.

Here’s a link to his latest guide about a new League of Legends champion, Vel’Koz.

Though the guide may seem technical to you, we wouldn’t be surprised if you pass by several people today who would be able to read it and use it.   It’s true — there really is no learning like real-life and self-directed learning.  Come find out more at one of our events!

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